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I remember now how I first learned of Nagi Noda. You’ll remember, I posted two weeks ago about her untimely death.

Courtesy of YouTube, here’s a clip from the British TV show “Japanorama”, focusing on “weird Japan.” Ms Noda appears in the second half of this clip, and the first 30 seconds or so of the following part.


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Japanese designer Nagi Noda died last week. She was 35, and according to Creativity Online’s obituary article, the cause of death is unknown, though it may have been related to chronic conditions developed after a serious car accident some time ago.

There is no good politically correct and sensitive way to say this – as any death is of course incredibly sad and unfortunate – but, from the point of view of someone interested in art and designs, from what little I know of her, her designs, and her career, it really seems a particular shame. She seems to have been really in her peak times, with so much more amazing potential creations ahead of her.

I first learned of her work while watching Japanese TV in my host parents’ house five years ago; I have no idea what the program was, but they a British show called “Japanorama”, which focused on “weird Japan”, including features on Murakami Takashi, Noda Nagi, and other particularly out-there artists and designers. This is how I first learned of the Hanpanda, perhaps her most famous creation, which she claimed was somehow inspired by her ex-husband. Shortly afterwards, I discovered this Halcali music video, featuring the Hanpanda in all their glory.

She had her hands in many pots; she wore many hats, all of them incredibly cute, striking, and chic. Noda designed music videos and TV commercials (the Creativity Online article linked above shows two of them), had a fashion label called “Broken Label” along with Mark Ryden, did these crazy animal-head-shaped “hair hats”, numerous magazine and other print ads, and a great many other creative, radical, and beautiful designs.

What would she have created next? We will never know.

She will be missed.

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