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Alex Kerr, author of Lost Japan and Dogs and Demons, an American who has lived in Kyoto & Bangkok for decades and who has his hands in a lot of heritage protection and cultural revival activities, has finally published his latest book, Bangkok Found, which he had been working on for many years.

Of course, the book relates to Thai history and culture, concepts, and language, and I cannot imagine that I will find it as easy to understand or to appreciate as “Lost Japan”, but nevertheless, I have faith that Kerr’s writing style and skills will paint for us, the reader, an entrancing and intriguing view of the city that is at once romantic and yet fully in touch with, and frank about, the less appealing or attractive aspects of the city.

At $20, it’s more expensive than your average paperback, but far cheaper than most academic volumes… I must admit I’m not exactly running out to the store this very moment to buy a copy, but someday I will get my hands on a copy. I expect to enjoy it very much, and will write a review at that time…

In the meantime, some reviews from people who’ve actually read the book and know a lot more about Thailand than I:

Christopher G. Moore
Bangkok 101
Women Learn Thai.com

(And, yes, these links are all reviews Alex has linked to himself on his site. No, I am not a shill for him, no I am not getting paid by him, and as you’ll see from my previous posts on the subject, I’m not exactly 100% his biggest fan. I’m just being lazy, is all, not directly intentionally biased. If/when I get my hands on the book and write my own review, I can practically guarantee it won’t be 100% positive or promotional.)

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