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The Asahi Shinbun reports today that some remains, or archaeological traces, have been found of a castle ordered destroyed by Oda Nobunaga in 1580. When Nobunaga took over a territory, he would have some castles kept intact, and either assigned his own men to take over these command posts, or secured an oath of loyalty from the defeated lord already in command of that site; other castles were ordered destroyed.

Tsutsui castle, located in Yamato-kôriyama, in Nara prefecture, was one such castle. It’s apparently quite rare to find any ruins or remains of these castles, but excavations in the inner moat have recently revealed traces or signs of the destroyed castle.

As one scholar commented, this is an important discovery as it helps us understand that castles destroyed at these times, under these circumstances, were destroyed down to even the moats, not just the buildings themselves.


As the Asahi doesn’t like to archive their news articles and keep them available, I’ll archive the full text for them (for you):

鳴かぬなら壊してしまえ筒井城 内堀埋めた破城跡発見





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